Many people walk obliviously down destructive paths of danger, pain, confusion, and regret.

  A look back on the journey brings only more frustration, anger, and hurt.  This journey feels eternally aimless, destructive, addictive and no better than rock bottom.

  Never fear!  Jesus is already walking towards us, pursuing us, and wanting to walk fearlessly with us.  When His voice interrupts our destruction, we turn to take steps toward Him.  He guides us to paths of clear direction, forgiveness, peace, courage, joy, and hope.  Our relationships, lives, and purpose become enriched by love and hope.  

  Footprints Church is filled with people that have walked the wrong way, and yet, have found new direction and life in Jesus.  Because of that, we are ably qualified to help people recognize how Jesus may be leading them to new steps.  We leave testimonial footprints to help others experience abundant life themselves.  Together, we celebrate and encourage each other to take the right next steps!

We take steps every day that

Trust God

No matter the area of our lives, we all need to learn to trust God more.  Maybe it means trusting that Jesus came to save us through His death on a cross.  It might mean trusting God for what we need, or that God's way is best.  We learn to trust God one step at a time

Honor God

Once we learn to trust that God's ways are best, the next step is for us to honor him with our actions.  Honoring God puts action to our trust, and helps us live out the area of new-found trust.

Help Others pursue God

When we learn to trust God and experinece life in new ways, we will help others learn to trust and honor God.  Together, as we step with Jesus, lives are changed!