In 1957, a group of about 25 people began Pleasant View Church of the Nazarene, in rural Clark County.

Through the years, God has been faithful and worked in many lives.  The building has been updtated and enlarged.  People came. People served.  Pastor's shepherded. The founders went on to heaven.  

Yet, God is still moving, still calling.  

In 2020, there seemed to be something new stirring.  The board made a courageous move to change the name to Footprints Church.  Things had changed, and the name Pleasant View just didn't fit.  Footprints, and following Jesus in His Steps, became our new theme and vision. You only see footprints if you look back, and we are grateful for all that left footprints.  But you only make footprints if you move forward, and we're excited to take the right next step to help people trust God, honor God, and help others pursue God.