You belong here!
It's time to take the right next step: belong and become!

No matter your past, the secrets you hid, or how perfect life is, you belong here!  We want you to find a place of hope, healing, and love.  A safe place to ask questions, to grow, to become everything that God created you to be. 

We're not perfect people (and we suspect you aren't either), but that's ok.  We're all learning, growing, and changing into everything God created us to be.

When we live and grow together, as a community, we become a beautiful family--a restored creation.  In those moments the presence of God becomes real and evident to everyone around us and to ourselves.  That's why all belong here--together, taking the right next step, we'll all be better!


Today's society thrives
on dividing, arguing, and strive to "out do." Following these footprints, we're like likely to walk off a cliff.

This leaves us feeling empty and lacking.  Christ teaches us to step in a different pace, a powerful dance that changes everything with love.  

Here's what to expect when you attend

Here are some answers to common questions.

We are a small church of about 40 people with a big heart.  This size helps us be authentic and develop deep relationships.

Our services are designed to allow flexible and responsive worship unique to each person.  We recognize that people experiencing Christ's movement in their lives may respond in unique ways at different times.  Our footprints aren't all the same!  As such, we invite you to particpate and express worship as you feel led.  Sit, stand, kneel, pray, read Scriptures, sing, dance, clap, or share.  If you are seeking flexibility and freedom in how you worship Jesus, this is a great place to participate.

We sit in a semi-circle and our singers and musicians are on the main floor with everyone else. Our desire is to not make services a production or performance, but intimately involve as many as possible.

God uses music in such a powerful way to help us focus on Him.  We use a variety of musical styles to enhance our praise and worship times.  Whether it's just a piano, band, video soundtrack, or lyrcs, we simply come prepared to celebrate how God moves in us, and what He's done for us!

Communion is a symbol of what Jesus did to restore us to Him. It helps us remember that we belong to Him and the family of God.  Every third Sunday of the month, we celebrate communion.  You don't have to be a member of this church, just someone stepping towards Jesus.  


We love kids!  Currently, for the safety of kids and workers, they participate with us in the main service.   If your children are fidgety, feel free to use the tables in the side wing, designed for families to worship together, with activities provided.  

You'll often find kids participating in various ways in our gatherings.  Serving with others helps train future leaders!

As a guest, please accept the gathering as our gift to you.  After your visit, if you give us your contact information, we'll bless another non-profit of your choice with a $5 donation.

We partner with theRidge youth ministries on Sunday nights for worship, fun, and food.  Ask us for more information.